How To Make Use Of An Animated GIF In Your Emails?

Most businesses try their best to catch the attention of subscribers. Even though images can attract people to your emails, you have to find more engaging ways to make your mail stand out from the rest of the emails they receive. These are the many reasons why GIFs are popular. GIFs are common in social media and the internet. The most exciting thing is that GIFs can be used in emails. Let’s learn more about using GIFs in emails.

What Are GIFs?

GIF is an abbreviation of Graphic Interchange Format. It is similar to PNG or JPEG formats and they are noiseless animations created from still images. They are one of the perfect options to communicate ideas and emotions. A notable characteristic of GIFs is that they keep on playing repeatedly similar to a flipbook. They can load many images simultaneously, which creates this effect. The origin of GIFs dates back to 1987, which shows that they were used from the beginning days of the internet. Many people and businesses now use GIFs as an effective tool in their marketing and email strategies.

Why Use GIFs In Emails?

Email campaigns can make use of GIFs to bring in more engagement. Using GIFs in your email communication to bring a sense of delight, humor, or surprise. GIFs can be an efficient tool to boost your marketing strategies, be it to educate, entertain, or inform your audience. Below are some of the benefits of using GIFs in emails.

  • Grabs Attention

You can easily grab the attention of your subscribers using GIFs. They have a repeated motion that fixes the attention of the readers to your emails, guiding them directly to your CTA. Hence, they get the whole information wrapped in your email.

  • Shows Your Products And Services

GIFs can be an engaging method to show your new collection of products or services. It is a creative option that allows you to add more creativity so that you can make your GIFs more interesting and attractive.

  • Explain A Complicated Concept

In some situations, it might be difficult for users to easily get the concept behind a product or service. Using a sequence of screenshots may not prove effective. However, GIFs can help to break down the idea into simpler terms.

  • Easy And Fast To Process

It is said that the brain has the power to process images more easily than text. Images are easily understood by a large number of people and cultures. The moving images make it more attractive and engaging for viewers.

  • Cheaper Than Using Animation

Even though animations are a great marketing tool, they are quite expensive. It won’t be an affordable option for companies on a tight budget. GIFs are easy and quick to create. They won’t eat your marketing budget.

  • The Best Option For Short Attention Reach

GIFs usually stand for a maximum of 10-15 seconds. So they won’t take up a lot of the audience. As they are engaging, viewers will be interested to see more. When it is text, most readers won’t spare time to read it completely, while GIFs are short and interesting.