Top 10 Animated GIF Maker Apps

People who use the internet might have come across GIFs. It has turned out to be a fun part of the current online communications. GIFs are static image sequences that have a unique effect. They make social media posts more exciting and energize email and text conversations. GIFs make posts on the internet more fun-filled.

Most people are interested in making their own GIFs to share on social media, digital platforms, and websites. Below are some of the apps that help you to easily create animated GIFs.

  • Gif Me! Camera

Gif Me! Camera is an effective app for creating GIFs easily and the app is designed to keep usability in focus. It has a simple and intuitive interface to make GIF creation easy and quick. You may add special effects, filters, and many fun elements to your GIFs.

  • Pixel Animator: GIF Maker

Pixel Animator: GIF Maker is designed to focus on GIFs based on pixels. Thus, you can make pixel art and convert it to GIFs to create a feel of retro video games that are unique in their style. Users may make avatars and sprites pixel-by-pixel.

  • Ezgif

Ezgif allows you to make animated GIFs using a web-based tool. You need not download anything to make GIFs with Ezgif. You may use this app on mobile browsers. Thus it is ideal for iPhone and Android users.

  • ImgPlay – GIF Maker

ImgPlay – GIF Maker was created focusing practicality and fun in mind. The app offers multiple canvas sizes according to the platform where you want to post. You can also select different design elements to create GIFs.

  • GIF Toaster

You can convert anything you like into GIF formatted with the help of GIF Toaster. You can make GIFs from panoramas, time-lapses, bursts, photos, and videos. They offer standard editing options and also a feature to create photo collages.

  • Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular application among GIF users. It is a social and microblogging platform with a built-in GIF maker. Users can make and customize their GIFs using this application. You can also add stickers and text to your GIFs.

  • Video to GIF

Video to GIF app is available only for iPhone users. The app allows you to directly upload a video from YouTube to make it into a GIF. It is easy to use but has only limited features. It will be useful only for users who want to use YouTube videos.

  • GIF Maker

GIF Maker is an app for creating GIFs from live content, videos, and photos. You may upload the content you already have or record new content to the app. After that, you may add captions, filters, and memes.

  • GIF Studio

GIF Studio allows you to do basic features like timing control, add filters, as well as edit and crop GIFs. However, the app provides some notable features. Multiple animations can be merged into a single GIF using this app.

  • GifBuz GIF Maker & Editor

GifBuz GIF Maker & Editor is an extremely user-friendly application that allows you to create exciting emojis and GIFs easily.