Attractive Features Of Animated Gifs

Most content creators and brands are looking for the best ways to draw the attention of people. Animated gifs are one such finding that can easily attract people to the content. GIF file format helps users to make use of different series of frames and combine them in an order that resembles that of an animation.

What Are GIFs Used For?

GIFs are used to display plain animations and images. Mostly GIFs are used for

  • Logos And Web Graphics

GIFs can display only 256 colors, which cannot contain any kind of high-quality images. However, GIFs are ideal for logos and graphics that feature edges and sharp lines. They have relatively fewer colors.

  • Online Animations And Memes

Numerous animated GIFs are seen on social media platforms and websites. They offer the effect of a flipbook with many related images, giving a similar effect to videos. They do not have sounds and have low resolution. They are also the best to post various online memes and fun clips shared with social media platforms.

Here are some of the advantages GIFs provide.

  • The File Size Is Small

The size of a GIF is one of the main benefits of using it. They are much smaller than other file formats. It will be useful when you have to load images online as they can load faster without any compromise on their ability.

  • Images Look Professional

Even though the size of the image is less, they can be used in transparent backgrounds as well. It will provide a more professional look for images to place on websites. Thus, the website will have a more enticing look.

  • Messages With Being Conveyed Better

Animated gifs provide another benefit which is they can convey a message more efficiently. It will show emotions and movements through a clip, which images fail to do. It can be a perfect choice while creating tutorial animations to improve the experience. Animations easily attract younger audiences. Therefore, GIFs can be used to draw their attention.

  • Easy To Make

It is very easy to make GIFs. With a series of images, you can easily make a GIF. Within a few steps, a GIF can be made.

  • Additional Software Is Not Required

Flash animations require extra plug-ins and software to view them. To view GIFs, you do not need such software programs. They are treated as common images. They can be viewed on any device.

  • No Compromise In Quality During Compression

Another advantage of GIFs is that there won’t be any compromise in quality while they are compressed. Mostly GIFs are compressed when the user wants to reduce their size. It can be done without lowering the quality.

  • Support From Web Browsers

GIFs can be viewed on almost all web browsers. Most of the web browsers allow you to view GIFs without any trouble.

Final Thoughts

GIFs have become an unavoidable part of memes and online communication. The availability of online tools and applications has made it easier to create GIFs.